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General Counsel
service in helping
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recruit for a hard
to fill position.
They did extensive
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our culture and
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Melinda Burrows
Deputy General Counsel
- Litigation and
Compliance, Progress
Energy Service Company
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Job of the Day
Legal Counsel for Beneficiaries; Proposition 19 & Property Tax Relief; Elder Law
Newport Beach California United States

"Certain beneficiaries and trustees lacking legal counsel that we fund trust loans for, generally for tax relief and property buyout purposes -- need help from an attorney. Your fees are paid by the family trust. Contact us ASAP..." We are ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes General Counsel Consulting ("GCC") different from other placement firms?
Q. How can General Counsel Consulting assist you?
Q. How does General Counsel Consulting select our candidates?
Q. How does General Counsel Consulting select its search consultants?
Q. How can you get started with GCC today?
Q. Why should you select a Platinum Exclusive Search Service Package?
Q. What does a typical fee agreement with General Counsel Consulting look like?
Q. Why should you work with General Counsel Consulting over other recruiting
Q. What makes General Counsel Consulting different from other placement firms?
A. All we do at General Counsel Consulting are in-house placements of attorneys. Focusing on in-house placements means that our livelihood and success as a company is entirely dependent upon how well we understand the in-house market and the attorneys interested in working in it.
As a division of Employment Research Institute, the largest attorney-employment conglomerate in the world, we have the resources and expertise to serve you with more information, more understanding, and more options than any recruitment firm anywhere.
While other placement firms may mix law firm and in-house placements and spend time on paralegal and other sorts of placements, our focus at General Counsel Consulting is specific. The difference between working with a recruiting firm focused on in-house placements exclusively and one that does many things is profound. Let General Counsel Consulting go to work for you.
Q. How can General Counsel Consulting ("GCC") assist you?
A. General Counsel Consulting is the leading in-house attorney search and placement firm in the United States, we have one goal: we are dedicated to placing top-notch attorneys in the best corporations in the United States and throughout the world. Once you have decided to work with us, we will perform the following four steps. First, we will work with you to define your objectives and specifications to better understand your short and long-term growth plans as well as your work culture. As a part of this process, we will acquire a thorough understanding of exactly what type of candidate you are interested in interviewing. Next, we will identify candidates using our database and network contacts that meet your search criteria. We will carefully screen and evaluate each candidate to ensure that the candidate is the right match for your corporation. Once we have completed this process, we will prepare in depth background profiles including a psychological analysis and resumes so that we ensure each of the candidates will fit into your corporate culture. We will also analyze and review the background profiles and resumes with you. Once we have reviewed these profiles with you, we will be available to assist with the interview process if so desired. . In addition, we will collect feedback from both yourself and the candidates to assist you in selecting a final candidate if you would like. Finally, upon request, we will assist in your negotiations with the candidates regarding a myriad of issues, including salaries and benefits.
Q. How does General Counsel Consulting select our candidates?
A. There are many ways candidates are selected. Among other things, some of our qualified candidates are hand-picked through our private in-house counsel contact database. Once GCC decides to work with a candidate, our search consultants will prudently take the time to document that candidate's strengths and weaknesses. We consider a wide variety of factors in recruiting candidates, including a candidate's current employment situation, grade point average, psychological characteristics, creativity scores, and past work experience. However, when reviewing individual candidates for potential placement, our search consultants do not restrict themselves to these specified qualities. Our search consultants go one step further, beyond the traditional factors, to effectively identify the best candidate for any given position. For example, our search consultants may take into account a candidate's work experiences outside the field of law, evidence that the candidate has overcome significant life obstacles to enter and stay in the practice of law, a rising trend in academic performance versus solid but unexceptional work, prior training and background in an unusual area, and other economic, social, or educational obstacles that have been successfully overcome. The depth of GCC's involvement in the search process allows us to identify outstanding candidates from the mediocre. Moreover, our ability to match candidates who share in the corporate mission and overall business goals often result in particularly effective and long-lasting placements.
Q. How does General Counsel Consulting select its search consultants?
A. General Counsel Consulting takes great pride in the quality of our services as well as our remarkable search consultants. All of GCC's search consultants are former practicing attorneys who succeeded in their particular field of law. Our search consultants are not only successful in placing in house candidates in a variety of different corporate models and industries, our legal recruiters are considered authorities in the legal marketplace. They are active members of their legal communities, quoted in the local and national press, and published in prominent legal publications across the country. When crafting a placement, our legal recruiters will pull from a variety of experts in various fields including M & A, IP, Energy Law, International Contract Law, International IP Litigation, Complex Securities Matters, Agricultural Business, Transportation companies, Technology Production, Entertainment Law, Sports Law, and the list continues to grow.
Q. How can you get started with GCC today?
A. There are two ways to get started today with GCC. You can either sign up today by calling us at 1-800 number (don't have number yet) or by filling out an employer questionnaire. You will find the employer questionnaire under the "Contact Us" tab on our homepage. Our questionnaire includes simple straightforward questions such as the name of your company, whom we should contact, what position your company is looking to fill, and what qualifications a candidate should posses. This important information will help us expedite our search process and allow GCC to sort out candidates that will be the best match for your corporation. Once you have filled out the questionnaire, one of our search consultants will follow up with you as soon as possible.
Q. Why should you select a Platinum Exclusive Search Service Package?
A. You should select a Platinum Exclusive Search Service Package in order to keep up with the competitive demands of today's legal marketplace and corporate employers who require immediate access to the most highly qualified candidates in the legal marketplace. The Platinum Exclusive Search Service Package is our most successful method used to service in-house searches in an effective and cost efficient manner. There are numerous benefits to using an exclusive search. Although a number of our services and methods are confidential and protected by our systematic approach, one of the most significant benefits is that you will receive a thorough investment of our resources towards your search for an extensive pre-determined time period. Our search consultants will also execute a comprehensive employer driven focus to ensure a complete understanding of your business, culture, short and long-term growth plans, position's scope and responsibilities, compensation package, candidate specifications, and required candidate profile, among other things. Another major advantage in conducting a Platinum Exclusive Search Service Package is that our search consultants will utilize GCC's unparalleled advertisement, database, and network capabilities to ensure that you receive the largest and most qualified pool of targeted resumes.
Q. What does a typical fee agreement with General Counsel Consulting look like?
A. Once you decide to work with GCC, we will send you a fee agreement for your signature. Generally, GCC will receive a percentage of the candidate's first year salary. If the candidate ends up staying for less than six months, GCC will refund you the appropriate amount of the fee per our fee agreement. If you would like more information regarding our fee agreement, please complete the employer questionnaire, which is located under the "Contact Us" tab on our homepage, and one of our search consultants will follow up with you.
Q. Why should you work with General Counsel Consulting over other recruiting companies?
A. You should work with GCC because we hand select only the best and brightest ttorneys and place these attorneys in the finest corporations in the United States as well as select corporations overseas. We have an unprecedented selection process, which will not be matched by any other recruiting companies in the world. GCC strives to find the most qualified candidates through our arduous screening and evaluating process. Let's not forget, GCC's search consultants not only are former practicing attorneys who are well established in the legal marketplace, but they also have a proven track record of successfully placing candidates at companies like yours. So there are only two questions to ask yourself: 1) Do you want to waste time drowning in resumes? or 2) Are you ready to contact General Counsel Consulting?

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